Southeast Demolition and Environmental Services
Southeast Demolition and Environmental Services

Demolition Services

Nelson Mazda

EAI had the opportunity and pleasure to team with Turner Construction Company in the redevelopment of the former Nelson Mazda/Hippodrome Oldsmobile Dealership at the highly-visible corner of 12th & Broadway. The project site is developing into an iconic multi-use facility including apartments, commercial office space & retail. EAI performed the hazardous materials mitigation and structural demolition of the former ~100,000 sq. ft., three-story concrete structure.

  • Water barricade/privacy fence installation around the property (utilized for life of project – EAI Owned)
  • Installation of security fencing and associated construction entry gates along the alley
  • Freon Recovery
  • Recycling of Bulbs/Ballasts
  • Structural Demolition – including slabs/footers
  • Removal of former Aboveground Storage Tanks and 9 hydraulic lift systems
  • Excavation and removal of identified Nashville Mix Impacted soils
  • Saw cutting for building separation prior to Mass Gravity Wall & soil nail installation
  • Repurposing of demolished non-hazardous materials in excess of 90% by weight.

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