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Serving the Southeast Region

EAI was organized in 1988 to contract for services in structural demolition, asbestos removal, and other environmental hazards as it relates.

Joseph H. Carver, the current CEO has been with EAI since its beginning and is still the company’s visionary today. Being in the industry before EAI existed as an organization, the business and its leadership have a deep-rooted experience from not only its CEO but from the senior management within the organization.

Ed Craft, Vice President, Director of Operations, and Senior Project Manager has been with EAI for 10 years, with his industry experience dating back over 30 years; out of graduate school as an industrial hygienist and continuing with his time in the consulting and design side of the industry.

Dan Kempf, Vice President and Senior Project Manager, is another important player in the industry with over 25 years’ experience. His experience in the environmental field of air monitoring, design and oversight, has provided for a vast knowledge in the asbestos abatement industry, working with such clients as TVA, other fossil fuel and petrochemical companies that are large in size and complexity with a keen sense of urgency and sensitivity to time.

Kathy Gore, a loyal 26-year Corporate Secretary of Everything, as we all believe, has been the rock for all the internal operations of EAI.

While we can’t list everyone on this page, we are proud of All EAI Employees. They are who we are. 

EAI has a very deep and experienced team of individuals within in all areas of our fields of expertise. We will complete your project in just the manner you, OUR client expected. With thousands of projects behind us and deep history of success, we are here today because of returning/repeat clients.\

Contact us and let us help you complete our project. It’s what we are good at.