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Nelson Mazda

Demolition Services

EAI had the opportunity and pleasure to team with Turner Construction Company in the redevelopment of the former Nelson Mazda/Hippodrome Oldsmobile Dealership at the highly-visible corner of 12th & Broadway. The project site is developing into an iconic multi-use facility including apartments, commercial office space & retail. EAI performed the hazardous materials mitigation and structural demolition of the former ~100,000 sq. ft., three-story concrete structure.

EAI’s Scope of Work

  • Water barricade/privacy fence installation around the property (utilized for life of project – EAI Owned)
  • Installation of security fencing and associated construction entry gates along the alley
  • Hazardous Materials Mitigation for asbestos
  • Freon Recovery
  • Recycling of Bulbs/Ballasts
  • Structural Demolition – including slabs/footers
  • Removal of former Aboveground Storage Tanks and 9 hydraulic lift systems
    • Extraction of hydraulic oil from the lifts
  • Excavation and removal of identified Nashville Mix Impacted soils
  • Saw cutting for building separation prior to Mass Gravity Wall & soil nail installation
  • Repurposing of demolished non-hazardous materials in excess of 90% by weight.

The project was completed in 8 weeks – two weeks ahead of schedule – including the soil excavation/disposal as added services.