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Goodlettsville Middle School

Demolition Services

EAI was contracted by the Hardaway Construction Company for the demolition of the former Goodlettsville Middle School (former Goodlettsville High School) in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The site was comprised of approximately 10 acres and 90,000 square feet of buildings (constructed in various phases from the 1940’s). EAI’s scope of work included the demolition of the former school buildings/slabs/footers, removal of playgrounds, bleachers, press box, site fencing, smokestack and salvage of the gym floor.

A unique aspect of the project included re-purposing of non-contaminated materials, with a goal of 75% re-use/salvage. EAI achieved over 96% by weight.

Key information relating to the project includes:

  • Salvage of former high school gym floor logos;
  • Removal of 50’ smokestack;
  • De-watering of boiler room (subgrade) in order to demolish;
  • Overall project re-purposing/salvage for non-contaminated materials of >96% (>6,500  tons);
  • Project completed on schedule; working hand in hand w/site civil utility contractor.