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Former Tennessean Newspaper

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Highwoods Realty, Limited Partnership and Brasfield & Gorrie selected EAI for the structural demolition of the former Tennessean Newspaper located on Broadway in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The work is being completed in preparation for a new development in the growing North Gulch district.

The building being demolished is the former newspaper production facilities for Nashville, including the Tennessean and the former Nashville Banner. The building was constructed over various phases dating back to the early 1930s.

EAI’s Scope of Work includes hazardous materials abatement, utility disconnects, removal of soy-based ink piping systems and equipment, and structural demolition. The work is being performed in an area of downtown Nashville that is highly congested on all four side. Due to the complexity of the structure and its close proximity to roadways on each side, structural demolition is occurring at night along these roads with nightly lane, road and sidewalk closures.

EAI Scope of Work

  • Demolition of 5 building sections/construction types totaling 500,000 square feet (including brick, wood, concrete and steel), ranging from 3-5 stories tall
  • Installation of construction fencing (Yodok style) and windscreens around the entire city block
  • Hazardous materials abatement included roofing materials
  • Hazardous mitigation of HVAC units/gases on the rooftops
  • Removal of remaining soy-based ink piping distribution systems from within the facility’s printing areas, including the basement
  • Street, sidewalk and lane closures along Broadway, 11th Avenue North, Porter Street and 12th Avenue North during perimeter demolition—an estimated 20+ nights of closures, with streets re-opened each morning prior to rush-hour traffic
  • Demolition of 3 lines of predominantly cast printing and roller presses, 2-3 stories in height
  • Structural demolition of the 5 building sections through the use of 2 Trackhoes—110,000 lb. Komatsu 490 with Genesis Razor GDT 290 and Genesis 550 Shear (alternating)—as well as a 60’ High-Reach Komatsu 350 with 225 Shear. Complimentary 3 additional trackhoes for loading and sorting (Volvo 330 – 80,000 lb. class machines)
  • Excavation and removal of the associated slabs and footers for the building structures, including below-grade basement with ink and equipment storage
  • Diversion of materials from landfill for LEED-affiliated crediting (including competent brick, steel and concrete)