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EAI – Knoxville offers concrete cutting and coring for many types of project needs. When choosing a concrete cutter, hire professionals who know the factors that can impact your project. EAI is over 30 years old and has the experience, expertise, and equipment for your concrete cutting needs.

EAI uses quality, top-of-the-line tools and maintains equipment well. Concrete cutting equipment is not all-purpose. Different types of projects require different equipment, and EAI has the equipment for cutting most materials – including concrete block, brick, stone, and asphalt – safely and effectively. EAI can cut through deep, reinforced concrete with core drilling and diamond segmented core bits. EAI clean cuts concrete up to 24” thick with wall (or “track”) sawing and uses finishing tools to prevent over cuts. EAI uses a variety of flat saws to cut trenches and relief cuts into concrete slabs, for indoor or outdoor projects. EAI has a variety of hand saws to use in areas where larger equipment is not appropriate. EAI uses wire sawing for projects with thick or oddly shaped concrete that does not allow for wall sawing. EAI offers robotic concrete demolition for projects that have limited space or weight capacity.

Safety is of utmost importance to concrete cutting. Any company you choose for concrete cutting needs to have a commitment to worksite safety. EAI – Knoxville is serious about worksite safety and has had minimal job site incidents since its founding in 1988. Before starting a job, EAI identifies hazards and assesses risk. Concrete cutting and coring involves risks such as silica dust, saw kick back, blade fracture, electrocution, collapsing walls, noise, and slips and falls. EAI maintains equipment and takes the important safety steps of checking that saws and drills are functioning properly. EAI trains employees on equipment and safety in order to prevent harm. EAI also uses cleanliness to ensure a safe environment at the job site. EAI reduces the probability of accidents by keeping the worksite clean and clear.

EAI recognizes that safety and cleanliness are essential to multiple parts of a project. EAI – Knoxville workers disrupt as little as possible by using cleanliness methods for concrete cutting and coring such as dust control. EAI workers recognize their surroundings and take care to minimize disturbance to surrounding structures. EAI also moderates disruption by prioritizing timeliness. EAI recognizes the importance of keeping to schedule. EAI prioritizes finishing projects within their projected completion date. EAI’s positive reputation shows its commitment to completing projects well and along deadlines.

EAI has over 30 years of experience and references of good performance. EAI has been chosen for concrete cutting and coring for projects large and small, including at Goodlettsville Middle School, Vanderbilt University Peabody Campus, and the Jack Daniels Distillery.

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