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Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Nashville Asbestos Abatement Company

Nashville construction and renovation projects are popping up left and right, and with many of these projects, asbestos removal services are required. It’s common to find asbestos in insulation, plaster, floor or ceiling tiles, and adhesives in older structures. Removing asbestos (also called asbestos abatement) is serious business because asbestos is a known carcinogen and exposure to airborne asbestos can lead to many health problems. Because of these health risks, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you’re working with a highly trained and qualified asbestos removal professional.

Here are the top questions you need to ask before hiring a Nashville asbestos removal company.

Is the company properly trained and approved by the state to offer asbestos removal services?

Due to the health risks involved in removing asbestos, companies who perform asbestos abatement should have extensive training to do the task. In Tennessee, the Department of Environment and Conservation maintains the Tennessee Solid Waste Management Asbestos Certifications Program to ensure that asbestos removal companies are following the proper procedures to maintain the health and safety of their workers and the public.

Nashville construction companies should always ask if the provider they are considering is licensed by the state to perform asbestos abatement. If the answer is unclear, then check with the state to ensure you’re hiring a true professional.

EAI (Environmental Abatement, Inc.) is proud to be fully accredited by the state of Tennessee for asbestos removal.

How will the asbestos be removed, and how will safety risks be minimized?

Asbestos abatement is a complicated process, and rightfully so because the health and safety of workers and the public are at risk. Always ask Nashville asbestos removal service companies what their plans are to ensure the safe removal and containment of the asbestos.

Full containment is recommended when removing asbestos from large areas or when removing it mechanically, which may cause the material to become airborne. It requires a fully contained and sealed enclosure along with a three-stage decontamination area.

Industrial asbestos removal can often be complicated due to the working environment. Ask if the asbestos abatement company will work around scheduled shutdowns or routine maintenance periods to minimize operational disruptions and if they have experience with building scaffolding to reach all areas in the industrial location.

In some cases, asbestos-containing materials can be encapsulated (or sealed) rather than completely removed. This is a common approach when dealing with pipe insulation.

With so many approaches available to remove asbestos, it’s essential to ask the company exactly what the plans are for your specific situation.

What is the cost of asbestos removal?

With the specialized work involved, asbestos abatement can be a significant expense. As with all major demolition or construction projects, it’s a good idea to get bids from several asbestos removal companies before choosing the right one for your project. The cost of asbestos removal can vary widely depending on the variables involved. For instance, does your project require full containment? Will it require scaffolding and other structures to be built to perform the work properly? Will encapsulation be enough? But remember to check for the proper licenses when comparing the cost of asbestos removal between companies. Safety is always the most crucial factor.

Does the company have references?

As the saying goes, trust . . . but verify. Always ask potential asbestos removal services for references and information about past projects. They should be able to give you the names and contact information for multiple past clients who are satisfied with their services. Call those references and ask about the work process, the timeline, and the costs. Ask if they would hire the company again or recommend to others.

Many Nashville construction projects have involved asbestos abatement, so many local companies, like EAI, showcase past projects online. For instance, EAI was chosen to handle the hazardous materials (asbestos) abatement for the Nashville construction and renovation of Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Campus as well as the Nashville demolition and renovation of the former Dillard’s Department Store located at The Mall at Green Hills.

EAI has been trusted all over the southeast for over 30 years to manage and remove asbestos quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our team has the experience and expertise to tackle any project you have. Contact us today to evaluate your needs, and EAI will take care of the rest!


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