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Vanderbilt University Kissam Quad Demolition

Demolition Services

EAI was contracted by Brasfield & Gorrie for the demolition scope of work for the new Kissam College Hall Dormitories being constructed at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The scope of work involved the demolition of the former six (6) dormitories known as Kissam, Dyer, Mimms, Reinke, Curry, & Hemingway. Each dormitory was four stories and comprised approximately 25,000 square feet each (over 150,000 square feet entire project).

The dormitories were predominantly concrete, brick and block structures with wood pitched trussed roofs. EAI demolished the buildings including slabs, footers, and foundations (doweled in bedrock) as well as footprint utilities. The project was completed with the utmost sensitivity to health and safety due to the nearby students, faculty, and the high density of traffic in the immediate area. No injuries or accidents occurred.

EAI was scheduled to complete a building every 14 calendar days. The  schedule was exceeded by completing the project 30 calendar days ahead of schedule.

One important component of the project was to meet LEED requirements of 70% or greater. EAI’s salvage efforts produced greater than 85% salvageable, recycled, or repurposing of the demolished materials.