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University of Tennessee Stokely Athletic Center & Gibbs Hall

Asbestos Services

EAI performed asbestos abatement of the former athletic facility/indoor track prior to the demolition of the facilities. The scope of work included abatement of structural fireproofing (>150,000 square feet), thermal system insulation (>15,000 LF), floor tile/mastic (approx. 50,000 square feet) as well as the removal of bulbs, ballast and mercury switches.

Uniqueness aspects of the project included:

  • Integrate decked scaffolding system accessing the fireproofing adhered to structural columns
  • Elaborate containment system enveloping the designated work areas
  • Extensive interior CMU all demolition to access structural members/ fireproofing
  • Extensive demolition to access thermal system piping (elevated & below grade)
  • Completion of project 3 weeks ahead of schedule