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Harriet Tubman Housing Complex

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EAI was contracted by the City of Chattanooga for the mitigation and subsequent demolition of the former Harriet Tubman Housing Complex in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The site was comprised of approximately 45 acres and 75 buildings (600,000 SF). EAI’s scope of work (SOW) included the mitigation of the 75 structures for asbestos and lead; demolition of the former housing authority buildings/slabs/footers, removal of utility infrastructure across the site, removal of roads/parking areas/playgrounds, removal/re-purposing of trees, grading of site, and hydroseeding.

A unique aspect of the project included re-purposing of non-contaminated materials, with a goal of 85% re-use/salvage and required the employment of new hires from local individuals within the project site zip code.

Key information relating to the project includes:

  • Hiring of local “zip code” personnel – up to 16 individuals during peak work;
  • Local individuals pre-dominantly focused on the cleaning/palletizing of brick from the buildings (>4,200 tons);
  • Overall project re-purposing/salvage for non-contaminated materials of 97% (>28,000  tons);
  • The project was completed on schedule.