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The Mall at Green Hills – Dillard’s

Asbestos Services | Demolition Services

EAI was selected by, and had the pleasure to work with, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company to partner on the demolition and re-development of the former Dillard’s Department Store located at The Mall at Green Hills. The location of this project site posed quite a logistical conundrum due to the highly active area of Green Hills. Additionally, the new Dillard’s sits just to the West of the old Dillard’s, restricting movement and accessibility in starting the project.

EAI’s Involvement

  • Hazardous Materials Mitigation of bulbs, ballasts, and asbestos-containing materials throughout the former Dillard’s.
    • During the project, EAI discovered additional asbestos-containing materials, doubling the quantities originally identified. However, EAI only added one additional week to the completion schedule
  • Freon Recovery/Repurposing
  • Termination/disconnects of MPE services for the building, and cross connections between Dillard’s and The Mall – including Fire Suppression
  • Elevator removal and hydraulic oil recovery/re-purposing
  • Building separation from the existing mall
    • Due to the connection points, EAI employed structural engineering and the use of remote controlled Brokk equipment to “hand demolish” prior to actual building demolition.
    • We completed all separation line demolition at the Mall interface at night for safety/risk mitigation.
  • Saw cutting to remove concrete along Green Hills Village Drive.

Furthermore, EAI will initiate an additional interior demolition phase for the removal of a skylight, as well as the interior lobby area at the interface. Work will predominantly take place in the evenings.

The hazardous materials mitigation and demolition of this approximately 200,000 sq. ft. structure took about 6 months. This highly complex project finished safely and without injury or incident.