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Managing Asbestos Removal Projects

Managing asbestos removal projects is a complex and precarious task. Because of the nature of the materials, it is crucial that asbestos is removed in precisely the correct way every single time by teams who are experienced and meticulous. EAI has over 30 years of experience in asbestos removal, so you can rest assured that our staff facilitates the removal using the correct process.

Asbestos Detection and Testing

The first step in any asbestos project is determining that the material is, in fact, present and posing a risk as it stands. It’s important to remember that sometimes removing asbestos is riskier than leaving the structure undisturbed. Asbestos only poses a risk if it has the potential to become airborne. EAI does not test for asbestos, but after confirming that the toxin is present, we will take over from there.

Choosing Your Asbestos Abatement Company

Asbestos has been detected in your home, office, or other building—now what? The next step is finding a reputable and reliable asbestos abatement company. Again, we stress the importance of finding an experienced company to handle your removal, and you should NEVER attempt to remove asbestos-containing materials (ACM) on your own. Look for an abatement company that has a history of successful projects and can explain the process to you, if you ask. Further, you’ll want a company that does not cut corners and removes the toxins according to best practices. You can find EAI’s proof of work here.

The Abatement Process

The first step in the abatement process is regulating and sealing the work area where necessary. Sealing all air ducts, disabling HVAC systems, and setting up negative pressure equipment are all precautions that an experienced abatement company will take. Next, surfaces that are not being treated will need protection. Surfaces will include floors, walls, and ceilings, which we cover with protective plastic.

Once we establish a sealed work area, technicians will begin to remove the asbestos-containing materials. The materials are placed into special waste bags, seals, and removed from the premises. Once all of the materials are removed, all surfaces are vacuumed with a special high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum. This ensures that there are no lingering asbestos particles that could become airborne later. After these cleanings, air and surface samples are taken to verify the complete and successful removal of asbestos.

The EAI Touch

When it comes to asbestos abatement companies, we know you have some choices. Sometimes it can seem like all the companies are the same; however, we can assure you that EAI holds a standard of excellence that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Some outstanding capabilities you’ll find with EAI are:
Full Containment – When removing friable asbestos from a large area or using a mechanical method of removal, we construct a fully-contained and sealed enclosure. This includes a 3-stage decontamination area with a dirty room, shower, and clean room.
Industrial Removal – Often commercial spaces require extra care when it comes to removing asbestos. Our experienced team works with tools such as scaffolding and machinery to complete the job.
Scheduling Consciousness – When handling asbestos removal in a large facility, most have pre-determined shutdowns or outages for maintenance. We have extensive experience working with these facilities to ensure that we complete our work with minimal interference to a company’s routine.
Large- and Small-Scale Projects – EAI can manage and removing asbestos-containing materials in both large, complex structures and smaller, single-family homes. You can trust our team to get the job done no matter the scope of the project.

EAI has been trusted all over the Southeast for over 30 years to manage and remove asbestos quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our team has the experience and expertise to tackle any project you have. Contact us today to evaluate your needs and EAI will take care of the rest!

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