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EAI is a full-service demolition contractor and has worked in the Southeast since 1988. Demolition projects vary widely. EAI – Knoxville offers structural demolition, selective demolition, and interior demolition.

When assessing your demolition needs, consider the types of demolition. Structural demolition is the complete dismantlement of a building or structure. Structural demolition removes all materials down to the foundation and requires hauling and disposing of debris. EAI demolishes structures safely and works to repurpose and reuse. EAI works in both large and small structural demolition projects. Selective demolition is more specific and difficult. EAI uses a highly skilled team to work on this more tedious type of demolition. Selective demolition requires removing isolated portions of structures while maintaining the viability and quality of the sections that are left intact. EAI’s Knoxville team has the attention to detail necessary for these projects. Interior demolition can be simple or complex. Some projects require only removal of architectural finishes or a single wall. Other projects require removal of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components. These projects produce dust and demand logistical competency. EAI works to contain the construction area and keep other areas undisturbed.

After a pre-demolition inspection, you will learn potential factors to consider in the demolition project, including environmental issues, materials involved, demolition costs, and building and site condition. When beginning a demolition project, also consider permits and utilities. Clarify with EAI – Knoxville who is responsible for pulling permits and scheduling disconnect of utility services for your demolition project.


A variety of factors can influence your demolition project once it begins. EAI’s knowledgeable workers consider dynamics of demolition that can impact your project. EAI takes weather into account for large-scale demolition projects. Factors such as wind patterns when imploding large buildings in congested areas will affect where and how far dust and debris travel. EAI considers other impactors of demolition such as complexity of structures and proximity to roadways. EAI can work in congested downtown areas and maintain safety and efficiency. EAI takes into account project factors such as requiring night work for efficiency and safety. EAI considers safety and timeliness and works to keep to schedule. EAI’s knowledge offers clients a cost-effective way to complete their projects.


EAI’s resources and experience help fulfill demolition projects safely, on time, and in budget. EAI’s positive reputation shows its commitment to completing projects well and along deadlines. EAI has worked in the Southeast for over 30 years and excels in large and small demolition projects. EAI has won awards for demolition. EAI’s standard of excellence can be seen in projects such as the former Tennessean newspaper, the future Four Seasons Hotel development, and the BNA Nashville Short-term Garage.


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