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Demolition Services

EAI is a full-service demolition contractor.

EAI is an award-winning demolition services company that has performed large-scale projects across the southeast for over 30 years. EAI offers comprehensive resources and an experienced employee base, which provides our clients with safe, efficient, and cost-effective services.

Demolition requires the right team, the right experience, and the right equipment. EAI provides all three. To see a few of our past jobs, visit our projects page. You’ll see the unique challenges that came with each project, and you’ll learn how our team adapted to make sure the job was completed safely, on time, and on budget.

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Structural Demolition

Experienced demolition companies like EAI, safely demolish large and small structures completely. This includes removal of all footings and foundations, hauling, and disposal of all debris using certified haulers and disposal facilities. In addition to the diversity of our project capabilities, our team has successfully achieved re-purposing/re-use goals and objectives for waste diversion/LEED’s in excess of 92% by weight.

Selective Demolition

EAI has a specialized group of personnel that tackle these often tedious projects. Selective demolition requires a demolition contractor that can successfully remove isolated sections of structures while keeping other sections intact and undisturbed. Each project is unique, and while health and safety of our personnel is paramount across all demolition services, these types of projects require a particular attention to detail in which EAI excels.

Interior Demolition

EAI’s demolition personnel have worked on a variety of interior demolition projects. This type of demolition service can range from simple, such as only removing architectural finishes, to more comprehensive with removal of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components. EAI takes special care and consideration with interior demolition, knowing that dust and logistics are integral within these types of projects.