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4 Stages of Demolition

Like any successful construction project, demolition has well-defined phases that a company must complete to ensure a successful and safe project. All four of the following phases are essential to the dismantlement process:

Getting Started: Select a Demolition Contractor 

Once the need for demolition is identified, it is necessary to select a contractor that is qualified, experienced, and professional to complete the project. A high-quality demolition contractor has the following characteristics:

  • The contractor should have proper licensure with the state, county, and city where the services will be completed and able to provide proof of insurance.
  • The contractor should place the safety of employees and the public of utmost importance.
  • The contractor should have appropriate equipment and trained staff.

We recommend obtaining references of past performance to provide evidence into these essential factors.

Scoping the Work: Success Starts with a Plan

For the smoothest project, the contractor should provide a written proposal containing a clear scope of work. Both parties need to sign the contract indicating an agreement on the terms of work, start and finish dates, and budget. The necessary administrative tasks like securing proper insurance, contracts, and permits must be complete before the project is scheduled to begin.

A word on asbestos: state law requires all demolition projects to test for asbestos materials prior to beginning. This can be done by a licensed professional that is certified to perform bulk sampling for asbestos before beginning the actual demolition.

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EAI performs demolition as a track-hoe knocks down building

During the Project: Get the Job Done

A common misconception is that demolition is “coming in like a wrecking ball” or “pushing a building over”. On the contrary, demolition is the process of dismantling the structure safely, with the intent to separate the building materials. This means minimal trash to landfills and more recycled materials available for future use.

Many variables exist in the process including, but not limited to weather, location, safety compliance, and schedule. This range of variables requires prepared employees and reliable equipment.

Finishing the Project: See Results of Hard Work

The progress that you see everywhere – a new school, office building, or dormitory – involved a reputable demolition company like EAI with a long history of success. We are proud of our involvement in helping transform cities all over the southeast.

From start to finish, EAI can confidently say that we are professionals in the services we’ve provided for over 35 years. Contact us with any questions about demolition services, asbestos removal, or concrete cutting and coring.