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Types of Concrete Saws

Using the right type of saw for concrete cutting and coring is extremely important to the success of the project; it will keep your project on schedule and under budget. Whether remodeling an existing structure or creating something brand new, there are specific uses and advantages to using a particular saw. Here is a list outlining the types of concrete saws:

Chain Saw

A precise cut will likely rely on a chainsaw. It is perfect for corners and straight lines with no over cuts. Projects that involve removing part of a wall or installing HVAC equipment could likely benefit from a hydraulic chainsaw.

Wire Sawing

Big projects need big results, such as what you get from a wire saw. Jobs that are too big for the majority of cutting techniques and saws rely on wire saws. Pillars, foundations, and thick walls are all perfect tasks for wire saws, which can go lengths and depths unreached by other equipment.

Handheld Saw

Many everyday folk are familiar with this type of saw. A small, portable, circular saw is ideal for smaller projects that need the most meticulous of cuts and precision. This kind of saw is best for cuts that are about 6 inches or less, such as removing small amounts of brickwork.

Wall Saw

A type of circular saw, a wall saw, can go deeper than its smaller cousin. Mounted to a wall, it can cut up to three feet in. It can cut at any angle and is ideal for removing sections for large features: elevator and stair openings, HVAC modifications, and windows.

Slab Saw

Also called a road saw or flat saw, this machinery is ideal for huge projects. We work on structures such as roads, bridges, and roofs- all which are appropriate for a slab saw. There are both electric and diesel models, which can be used for outdoor vs. indoor work. The electric version is more suited for installing pipes or utility lines inside.

Whatever the project, we can assure you that we have the saws and resources to get the job done when it comes to concrete cutting and coring. We are proud to work on projects big and small, all around the Southeast- just give us a call.